Archery Season Extended!

A regulatory amendment has been approved to extend the archery deer hunting season by two weeks in eastern Massachusetts. In zones 10-14, the archery deer season will now open the eighth Monday prior to Thanksgiving; in zones 1-9, it will remain the same, opening six weeks before Thanksgiving. The change will take effect beginning with this fall’s hunting seasons. The extension will increase hunting opportunities in a region where deer numbers are above the statewide management range of 6-18 deer per square mile.

2018 Deer Hunting Season Dates
Youth Deer Hunt Day: Sept. 29
Paraplegic Hunt: Nov. 1-3
Archery Season (Zones 10-14): Oct. 1-Nov. 24
Archery Season (Zones 1-9): Oct. 15-Nov. 24
Shotgun Season: Nov. 26-Dec. 8
Primitive Firearms Season: Dec. 10-31

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